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Wedding Chapel

Benefits of Booking The Ivy Venue For Your Wedding Ceremony Venue!

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day should be as magical as it is beautiful. In order to reach this beautiful moment, you will need to find a wedding ceremony venue that matches the feeling that you want to capture. Today, we are going to be introducing you to the wonderful and magical world available to you at The Ivy Venue, located in Flowood, MS. If you are ready to book the wedding chapel of your dreams, keep on reading!

In order to tackle your wedding ceremony, you first need to book a wedding ceremony venue. While there are no limits to the kind of venue that you can choose, we are particularly taken by the rustic charm and upscale elegance available at The Ivy Venue. Seated on seven acres of private land, The Ivy Venue is a multi-building estate that offers you complete privacy and beautiful intimacy. The historic location was recently acquired by new ownership before undergoing a professional renovation in early 2020.

What makes The Ivy Venue such an ideal place for your wedding ceremony is the charm imbued by the various buildings. The sunlit carriage house features sloped high ceilings and an elegant and gorgeous chandelier. Large enough to fit your party and comfortable for a large gathering, you'll be blown away by the beauty of this country-beautiful wedding chapel. After your ceremony is complete, head to the main building and its corresponding grand reception room to keep the good times rolling. You will be immersed in upscale luxury while still feeling like you are one with the great outdoors.

As your guests roll up to their parking spot at The Ivy Venue, they will all be wowed by the rustic charm and elegant beauty of the location. If you are looking for the perfect wedding ceremony venue, The Ivy Venue is for you!

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